Guided Grief Release

Grief Counselor Los Angeles. Certified Grief Counselor and Fellow in Thanatology providing individual, group, and telephone grief counseling services in LA and International.
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Welcome! You have likely come to this site because you are searching for information or assistance with grief. My name is Amyra Braha and I am a spiritual care counselor specializing in life transitions, death, dying and grief. The focus of my work is Guided Grief Release.

Perhaps you have experienced the loss of a loved one or are yourself facing death. Or perhaps you are experiencing a change in your life’s circumstances, either because you have ended a relationship, have lost a job, or are dealing with a health challenge.

Whichever the case, you are experiencing a life transition or change. Inevitably change that is not dealt with will feel like loss, and the expression of loss is grief in one form or another. Grief can best be described as the expression of hurt and imbalance that comes from any kind of loss.

In my practice, I work with people to help them through their experience of loss and of grief, and to make peace with their loss. I believe that grief is ultimately the voice of the soul calling for our attention and view the expression of grief as an opportunity to connect with our deepest selves. Understanding these kinds of experiences as opportunities for learning can support us to heal and grow.

Although I live and practice in the Los Angeles and Ventura county areas, I also work with people from across the United States and Canada and offer long-distance sessions by phone.

Many of my clients have come to the place in their lives where they understand that they are ready to heal their grief and want to engage in a fuller relationship with their hearts and their souls. By taking this step people can move from feelings of hopelessness, of feeling worn out and unable to move beyond their grief, to experiencing joy, vitality, love and peace again.

It takes courage to step into this work but the rewards are always profound, and it would be my honor and privilege to guide, support and assist you through your journey of grief release.

– Amyra Braha, MA, CG-C, FT

Notice: I do not provide psychological assessments, testing or services for mental disorders, nor is my work comparable to psychological treatment.