Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Spiritual Counseling and Grief Release work can occur in a variety of settings and situations. My first priority when I work with a new client is to establish a sense of safety and comfort. I offer to meet people individually or in groups, in person or by phone – whichever is going to work for them.

Some people learn and heal from participating in a group setting and hearing others share their journey. Others grow from the intimacy of private sessions where they can more fully explore and expand on their healing. Others benefit from a mixture of the two. It is not uncommon for a group participant to meet individually with me and vice versa.

Many people choose to work with me via telephone. This serves a number of purposes and can be quite successful. I have found that in some situations, the privacy and obscurity of the phone helps people feel safer in their exploration. Other times, it is simply a more expedient method due to distance. I work with people from across the United States and Canada, and the only limitation seems to be the time difference which is easily resolved during our first conversation.

Regardless of the setting, there is no right or wrong way to approach healing, there is only clear intention. It has been my experience that when a person has a clear intention to heal, then the work we do together usually flows quite gracefully, whatever the format.

Notice: I do not provide psychological assessments, testing or services for mental disorders, nor is my work comparable to psychological treatment.