About Grief Release

About Grief Release

Grief is the experience of hurt that is often associated with a loss or death. We generally feel grief when we are unresolved about a situation or another person. If we have not completed our relationships, if we feel unfairly treated in a situation, if we carry our hurt with us and don’t give it the time or space to heal, we cannot grow.

Grief Release is about letting go of that hurt, about healing, and about growing from the experience of the loss. Very often it is about understanding what the loss has taught us. Regardless of the type of loss – whether someone close to you has died, you have ended a relationship, lost a job, are dealing with a health challenge or are facing your own death – you are in the middle of a transition and a change in your life’s circumstance, and life probably feels completely out of balance.

Inevitably change that is not dealt with will feel like loss and grief is the myriad of emotions associated with that loss. Most of us resist dealing with loss. We will do anything to avoid the pain we are feeling.

Guided Grief Release teaches you to view your loss as an opportunity for learning and can support you in your journey to heal and grow. Through Guided Grief Release groups or individual Guided Grief Release sessions you can begin to allow your grief to fully emerge, and thus begin your healing process.

With Guided Grief Release clients go through a series of exercises and are taught tools designed to assist them with releasing their grief. Clients report that this work has assisted them in moving from the place of hopelessness, depression, guilt, and sadness to experiencing a hope, joy, peace and balance they never imagined possible.